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Two new electric vans join our vehicle fleet

We are pleased to announce that we have welcomed two new additions to our vehicle fleet – fully electric vans!

Those of you who know us will be aware of how passionate we are about sustainable operations wherever possible and do our very best to be as environmentally friendly as we can.

Here are just some of the sustainable practices we have in place:

All our operations are powered by renewable energy – from our Head Office to our Commercial Laundry.

We encourage our guests to abide by our strict recycling processes, but in the event of non-compliance, our team will manually recycle on-site.

Our team take part in regular Beach Cleans – a rewarding day out on the coast and a wonderful way to combat littering to keep the local area tidy.

From this point forward, all additional and replacement vehicles will be electric powered, enabling us to move towards our goal of having a fully sustainable fleet.

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